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Pools and Leisure
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Learn to Swim

Why learn to swim?

Great for keeping safe

With so many beaches and pools in Auckland, being able to swim is an essential safety skill. We think keeping safe in the water is as important as being able to read and write!

Great for kids

Swimming helps kids flourish in so many ways:

  • developing motor skills
  • developing hand-eye coordination
  • learning to be adaptable
  • learning about effort and reward
  • learning to retain information
  • increasing their self-confidence.

And it’s fun! Get them out of the house and into the pool.

Great for your body

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It’s efficient, because it uses the whole body the whole time.

It’s non-weight bearing, so there is less impact on joints. Swimming increases your range of motion because its natural action is a constant and repetitive stretch – like yoga in the water!

Like any form of exercise, swimming helps address stress and anxiety and releases those feel-good endorphins.

Great for your future

Once you’ve learned, the ability to swim opens up worlds of fun: competitive swimming, surfing, surf lifesaving, water polo, snorkeling and more.


Proceeding to squad

Once you or your child have mastered swimming, it's great to keep it up to maintain swim fitness.

Swimming squads are scheduled, so they help you stick to your training. And they’re social! Enjoy the fun of informal competition while you maintain or develop your swimming.

Which class is right for me or my child?

Click on the flow chart to find the right level for you or your child.

If you are new to Learn to Swim lessons, you will be a beginner in your age group. If you have had lessons before or time has lapsed since your last lesson, we recommend you get an assessment.  An assessment can be booked through the link below.

Enrol now


If you are still unsure, book into a free assessment or contact the centre

Book a free assessment

Learn to Swim terms and conditions

Read our Learn to Swim school terms and conditions.

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