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Pools and Leisure
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Workplace membership

Help your work team get active their way

Register your workplace for free with our workplace membership programme.

Once your workplace is registered, you and your team are eligible for discounted membership to our vast and varied network of pools and leisure centres all over Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland.

You don't have to be a big corporate - we're proud to welcome lots of smaller businesses as registered workplaces.

Workplace member benefits

  • Discounted joining fee.
  • Discounted multi-access membership to more than 40 pools and leisure centres Auckland-wide. Your team can work out near work, swim close to home - or whatever combination works for each person.
  • Group fitness classes are offered at many of our centres and are free to members: there's aqua, boxing, cardio, cycle, yoga and (much!) more. Some of our centres also offer Les Mills™ fitness classes.
  • Free personalised one-on-one sessions with qualified fitness instructors to record goals, set programmes and enhance progress.
  • Ongoing monitoring, encouragement and support from our qualified fitness professionals – whether we're working with a beginner or an athlete.

What's in it for you and your workplace

  • Reward your team - at no cost to your organisation – with discounted gym and swim memberships.
  • Give your team access to the best facilities! Multi-access membership allows them entry to our unrivalled number of pools and leisure centres. From Stanmore Bay to Waiuku, Massey to Howick, and everywhere in between.
  • Focus on the health and wellbeing of your staff. Support your team in getting into the best shape to be productive and achieve their full potential.

"A workplace that supports its people to sit less and move more can benefit from more productive staff and fewer sick days... People who exercise exhibit greater wellbeing (and) reduced absence due to illness." – Health Promotion Agency website


Register your interest in membership for your workplace

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