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Learn to Swim - myLEISURE FAQs

Last updated on Monday 13 September, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions


» Can I set up the online account in my childs name?

No. Please set up the account in your name. You will then be able to see all your children under your profile where you can manage each enrolment.

» I’d like to pay in full for lessons, is this possible?

No. All lessons from Term 4 2021 will be paid by direct debit either weekly or fortnightly on a Monday.

» Can I pay monthly

At this stage, we can only offer weekly and fortnightly payment options.

» Why do payments come out on a Monday?

This is to ensure that all lessons are paid in advance of lessons being delivered during the week. Our Swim School week runs from Monday to Sunday.

When you first sign up, if the term has already started and your first lesson is within the week, then you’ll have the payment deducted the next day and all future payments will come out on a Monday.

» Do I have to set up a myLEISURE account?

No, you don’t. A myLEISURE account enables you to check your child's progress online and make changes to your lesson time/day. You'll be anle to manage these things when it suits you. If you’d rather do this in centre with our team we’d love to help you.

» My child has moved up a level, can I pick the new time and day online with myLEISURE?

Yes, you can. Once your child has progressed to the new level it will show up in myLEISURE under the Courses menu option and you’ll be able to choose the time and day that suits you for the new class.

» We have moved house, can I change Swim Schools on myLEISURE?

Unfortunately, no. Chat to one of our friendly staff in the centre at your next visit and we’ll arrange a movement for you.

» What happens if I accidentally miss a Direct Debit payment?

If your DD payment defaults, you’ll get a text message or an email advising you that there has been an issue with your payment. Please pay this either online via myLEISURE by clicking on your account details, or in the centre when you attend your next lesson. The missed payment will not be added to your next DD payment so it’s important you make a manual payment as soon as possible.

» I’m entitled to a discount but I can’t see the discounts online

At this stage, if you are entitled to a discount then you’ll need to sign up in the centre initially. You can still set up a myLEISURE account to manage your lessons and check on progress online.

» I’d like to change the time and day of lessons but I can’t see any options available - why is this?

If there are no other class times available this means that there are no spots available in that particular class. Keep checking in to see if something opens up otherwise, you can ask our staff to put you on our our waiting list.

» Can I suspend my payments if my child is sick or if we are going away for a holiday?

Sorry, we don’t offer suspensions or makeup lessons for missed lessons.

If you are going to be away for an extended period (for example, if your child has broken a bone and can’t swim) please let us know in writing, and we can look at your situation.

» Is there a limit on the number of times I can change time and day of lessons?

There’s not, however, we would strongly advise against making more than one change per term.

If there are too many changes it can be disruptive for the other children in the class and your child’s progress may slow as they’ll need to form a relationship with their new teacher each time they move.

We appreciate that life can be tricky, however, and you may need to make changes. We’ll work to make your child’s transition into their new class as seamless as possible.

» How much notice do I need to give to cancel lessons?

We require a minimum of 10 business day's notice to cancel lessons and payments.

» I have three kids and can’t seem to get them all booked in at the same time?

Please contact the centre to assist you in setting up your family for lessons.

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