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Pools and Leisure
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The Boroughs

Auckland Council teamed up with Spark to create five cool basketball courts across Auckland called The Boroughs. Perfect for a pick-up game or to practice three-pointers, the courts can be found at:

  • Otamariki Park in South Auckland
  • Victoria Park in Central Auckland
  • Avondale Central Reserve in West Auckland
  • Pt England Reserve in East Auckland
  • Hooton Reserve in North Auckland.

True to the basketball culture in the USA each court has a sister court at the homes of pick-up games:

  • Rucker Park, Harlem (New York) – sister court to Otamariki Park
  • The Cage, Manhattan (New York) – sister court to Victoria Park
  • Downtown Courts, Oklahoma City – sister court to Avondale Central Reserve
  • The Hole, Brooklyn (New York) – sister court to Pt England Reserve
  • Venice Beach, Los Angeles – sister court to Hooton Reserve.