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Fuelling for Round the Bays 2020

Wondering how and when to eat so you feel your best before, during and after Round the Bays 2020? Read on!



The day before: Eating carbohydrates (our picks: rice, bread and pasta) this Saturday will ensure your muscles are ready for a great race on Sunday. Today is not the day to experiment and try a food you've never had - you don't want stomach issues overnight/on the day!

The morning of the race: Get up early and have a small breakfast so you have time to digest it. If you have a nervous stomach, passing on breakfast seems logical but you do need the energy to get through the race! Eat something light, low in fibre and easily digestible like a banana, toast, or some muesli. 


Round the Bays is a short distance, so you won't need to fuel during the race. But absolutely keep hydrated - grab a cup of water or sports drink on the way around from the aid stations and keep on going!


After the race you will need to refuel and this is where protein comes back in - also remember to eat carbs to keep your energy high for the rest of the day, however. Our picks are a chicken wrap or sandwich, or eggs on toast.

Also don't forget to rehydrate straight after (we mean water - not wine!) 


Round The Bays 2020 is happening Sunday 8 March 2020.

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