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Pools and Leisure
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At-home workouts

Looking for ways to get active your way at home during the COVID-19 disruptions? Fear not – we have you covered!


"Getting active with Auckland Council Pools and Leisure" fitness video series

Our fitness teams all collaborated to bring you a different daily fitness workout via our Facebook page to keep you fit, healthy and energized through the lock down period!

"Like/follow" our page to see the workout of the day pop up each morning, or, check out the playlists below:

Circuit Style Training

Looking for a short, sharp and effective workout for your entire body, and your lungs (believe us!)? We have a range of challenges including AMRAPS, Circuits, Pyramids, Ladders - lots of choices and chances to get cardio fit!

Core Training

Not just crunches. Your core muscles are from your neck to your knees, front side and back of body - these are the muscles responsible for great posture, great technique and great shape!

Gentle Exercise

Our Gentle Exercise workout series are perfect for our senior friends, Green Prescription customers and also anyone who is recovering from injury or illness.

Family-friendly workouts

Fun for the whole family! These fun workouts will get your entire family moving and having quality time together - be sure to play the game at the end of the video; it's enough to bring out the big kids in all of us! 

Well-being video series

Alongside the inspirational fitness videos, our teams talk about well-being during the lockdown and how they are keeping healthy - and, share their tips with us!

GOOSECHASE APP - 'WeGotThisNZ' at-home scavenger hunt

Play our FREE “WeGotThisNZ” Lockdown Challenge on the GooseChase app with the people in your "bubble". Stay at home or keep it local with lots of child-friendly missions – guaranteed to keep the kids (big and small!) occupied...

Snap photos or videos to earn points and share with the rest of NZ through the live GooseChase app feed with a chance to WIN spot prizes!

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Search for and download the FREE GooseChase app in the app store (Android and iOS)
  2. Open the app and either play as a guest, or sign up for a new account
  3. Join the game by searching for ‘WeGotThisNZ Lockdown Challenge’ or the code EZLV3L
  4. Either go solo, join as a family team or with flatmates (must be same household)
  5. After joining you will be taken straight to the mission list, so get playing!

Tag your photos and videos with #WeGotThisNZ and post to your social media. Tag your mates so you can all compete against each other!

Keep safe and healthy, everyone!