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Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi classes

Life in the slow lane

If cardio is not really your cup of chai and you prefer slower, more precise exercises that allow your body to slowly transition from one position to the next, why not try one of our yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi classes?

The mind body connection

Although the positions and movements used in yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi might appear similar, they vary. However, all of them have the ability to eliminate pain and boost your quality of life.

Breathe easy

Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi are also great for improving mindfulness and drawing attention to the breath. Your sleep will be next level and you'll wake up full of beans and raring to go!

Get up, stand up

If you'd like to build up your strength, flexibility and improve the suppleness of your hip muscles, choose pilates. It will help elongate your muscles and give you flat abdominals, a strong back and eliminate any posture issues.

Strike a pose

However, if your goal is to improve your balance and reduce stress, give Tai Chi a try. It's actually one of the very few exercises that can work 100 per cent of the muscle groups and 99.9 per cent of the muscles in the body at the same time.

In slow motion

Tai Chi is definitely not as easy as it looks! It takes strength to balance, and discipline to carry out very slow movements but you'll be rewarded with a longer life span, better brain function and a reduced risk of falls.

Renewable energy

Yoga, on the other hand, focuses on stillness and stability. Each posture is held for several seconds or minutes, depending on which style you practice, allowing the body to fill with positive energy between movements.

Get your namaste on

The shopping list of yoga benefits includes increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved respiration, energy and vitality, cardio and circulatory health and protection from injuries.

Do you need any more reasons to roll out the mat?


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