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Table tennis

Serving up brain power

Table tennis is hands down the world’s best brain sport. While it might seem that all you need to do is whack the ball over the net, it's can be a demanding game that requires stamina and quick reflexes. You've always got to be on the ball and able to anticipate your opponent's moves.

Turn the tables

Think of it as an aerobic form of chess – the spin, placement and speed of the ball are critical elements of the game which helps table tennis players solve puzzles in real life.

Stay on high alert

Table tennis also helps ward off dementia by activating the areas of the brain that stimulate awareness and alertness. That's why it's so popular with seniors. There’s also a very low risk of injury compared to other sports.

Game plan

But one of the best things, is that it's a sport for life. You're never too old to play and it's never too late to start because the older you get, the more tactics you'll have under your belt.

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