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Core fitness classes

Core is more

It's not just about getting abs! While your stomach muscles are certainly part of your core, your actual core is the entire area from your neck down to your knees – we're talking your front, sides and back.

Are you strong enough?

If you're young and already fit, core work will make you even stronger and able to perform better – think better squatting techniques. While if you're older or lead a more sedentary lifestyle, core work is the secret to preventing injuries.

Take centre stage

Did you know that your core is the centre of all your movement? Every move you make, both in daily life and during a workout, will be easier if your core is showing up and doing its job.

Don't be a slouch

A weak core, on the other hand, contributes to bad posture and slouching. Strengthening your core will not only trim your physique but it will also reduce wear and tear on your spine and allow you to breathe deeply.

Fight back

If you suffer from lower back pain, you can help by doing exercises that promote resilient core muscles. Stronger glutes equal a stronger back plus you'll increase stability and balance and prevent falls.

Time for an encore

And remember, while it’s not about getting a six-pack– the definition you’ll achieve is an added bonus.


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