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Boxing fitness classes

Get in the ring

Bring out your inner Rocky or Rousey and punch, kick and jump your way to fitness!

Heavyweight exercise

Boxing has to be one of the most effective, concise ways to get in shape and maintain your physical health. It's a lot of fun too!

Punch above your weight

Because most boxing classes focus on bodyweight exercises, you can go at your own pace and dial the intensity up or down as you see fit.

Roll with the punches

As simple as a jab, hook, and uppercut may sound, doing them in a rapidly moving and changing sequence is where the workout comes in.

Come out swinging

Because you have to use your whole body (as opposed to just your arms) to execute a punch, this will accelerate your heart rate and improve your balance, hand-eye coordination, reactivity and agility.

The gloves are off

But the stress relief factor is what sets boxing apart.

When you're trying to make it through a few rounds of high-intensity punching, you won't have any mental energy left to worry about anything else. Even during rest periods, you'll need to focus on your breathing and preparing for the next bout.


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