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COVID-19 Alert Level 1 FAQs

If you’re a member or regular visitor to our centres, please read on for our Alert Level 1 FAQs.


Our member and staff’s health and safety are our top priority, especially as we move between the Alert Levels for COVID-19. Please see below for how we are making sure everyone’s time in our centres is a safe and healthy one…….

What processes are in place now that we have dropped to Alert Level 1?
Moving to Alert Level 1 has meant that we can now increase the numbers in our group fitness classes and on our gym floor to normal capacity; however we are still asking members to maintain good hygiene through handwashing practices, coughing or sneezing into elbows, wiping equipment after use, compulsory towel use, bringing your own yoga mats to class, and sign-in/contract tracing. If you’re sick or unwell, please stay home and don’t come into the centre.

What is the Council doing to keep me safe during my visit?
As much as possible! We are following the guidelines set by Exercise NZ:

- daily deep cleans
- spot cleaning regular touch points
- providing cleaning and sanitisation resources
- mandatory towels in classes and in the gym
- bringing own yoga mat to BODYBALANCE®, Yoga and Pilates classes is preferred
- sign in/contract tracing required

Do I need to wear a mask?
You may wear a mask but it isn’t a requirement for entry into our centres. You may see some of our staff in masks, for some of their duties.

How will you contact trace at Level 1?
We ask that you have your membership card so you can swipe in, and also use the COVID-19 sign-in app on your arrival to our centres. All you need to do is scan the QR code on our posters, or fill in your details on the sign-in sheets and you are good to go.

Will there be lots of sanitising equipment available for me?
We will have hand sanitiser and wipes available throughout our centres. We also ask that you wash your hands frequently while in our centres for at least 20 seconds – this is a recommendation from the Ministry of Health.

Physical distancing?
Although there are no physical distancing requirements in level 1, we ask that you be considerate to others when moving around in our facilities.

How many people can be in a centre at any given time?
There is no government restriction for Alert Level 1 however we do have standard capacities for each of our facilities that we monitor closely for health and safety reasons .

Are your staff trained to move between Alert Levels?
Yes, of course! They have been trained up and will be abiding by all Alert Level restrictions. Some of them will be wearing masks. Please remember to be kind as we all navigate these changes.

What will I need to bring to the gym?
We require you to bring a drink bottle and a gym towel. No gym towel = no entry, and this will be strongly enforced by our Customer Service Team, our Gym Staff, and our Group Fitness Instructors.

Do I REALLY need to bring a towel? I don’t sweat THAT much?
Sorry, but no towel = no workout. People who don’t have towels will be asked to leave.

Are the changing rooms open?
They WILL be open, but, we ask that you keep showers short and clean your area after use in consideration for other members.

Why were the fans, some saunas and spas, or water fountains not available?
This is normally the case (in Alert Level 2 - not Alert Level 1),  to prevent the spread of the virus through small enclosed spaces, high touchpoints and surfaces or transfer of Covid-19 through the air. Regarding the spas and saunas, if they are large enough for social distancing to take place, they will be open but best to check your local centre’s Facebook page or website before you visit.

How are you going to keep the pools clean?
We have enhanced cleaning procedures and the appropriate safety measures in place to ensure the wellbeing of our customers and staff.


Will group fitness timetables be back to normal?

Best to check with your centre’s timetable. These are all available online by selecting your preferred centre and then Group Fitness from the menu options on the left hand side of the screen – there will be some differences depending on instructor availability, but we have aqua classes, senior classes and boxing back in the mix with cleaning protocols to keep everyone safe.

Do I need to book in for classes again?
Check in with your local centre for details on their booking system, if applicable.

Is there a guarantee I will be able to get into every class I want?
It’s best to book into the classes you CAN book into, otherwise we recommend you turn up early to the classes you want to attend.

Who can use the pools? Anyone?
They are open to any of our members or the public who would like to use the pools for lane swimming, water walking, leisure swimming and activities. Please check with your local centre for any limits/restrictions.


How are you managing contact tracing?

Contact Tracing will be managed in a couple of ways. All visitors and contractors to our Council run centres should check in via the COVID-19 app (by scanning the QR code displayed at our centres).

Members with cards will still be required to swipe their membership card so we can identify the part of the centre you accessed. Kauri Kids have a Ministry of Education compliant sign in system for parents/guardians. We recommend you allow an extra few minutes at the start of your visit to allow for these protocols. 

What if I don’t have a smart phone?
Please see one of our team members and they will be able to check you in.

How do I get a copy of your safety plan?
You can request a copy of the Safety plan by contacting the Centre Manager of your chosen centre.